Under the new situation, how to grab the "golden track" of cross -border e -commerce?

Under the new situation, how to grab the "golden track" of cross -border e -commerce?
In the past year, Wang Yi, a furniture producer from Jiangxi, is a hard and anxious year.

Her company mainly produces solid wood furniture. In previous years, she had more orders and did not need to spend too much thought on sales channels. "In the past, the factory only needed to supply to the export platform." Wang Yi said, "Now the market has changed, everyone is actively connecting the overseas market. We must also change our thinking, take the initiative to go out, or find more export channels."

The situation of Wang Yi company is a microcosm of many traditional foreign trade companies. A few days ago, the 2023 China Cross -border E -commerce Fair was held in Fuzhou, attracting many traditional foreign trade companies at home and abroad to find new transactions.

"In 2023, enterprises are actively seeking business expansion." Chen Danfeng, chairman of Fujian Huiyuan Culture Development Group Co., Ltd., said that traditional foreign trade is composed of exporters, importers, wholesalers, retailers and other links. The disadvantages of long and unstable trading chains are increasingly prominent. Instead, cross -border e -commerce has risen with the advantages of social access, live marketing, online transactions, local services, and shortening intermediate links.

Cross -border e -commerce seems to have become the "place for soldiers" for most companies. Wang Jian, a professor at the University of Foreign Economic and Trade, analyzed that with the acceleration of digitalization of the industry, the penetration rate of global cross -border e -commerce has continued to increase, and more and more companies have noticed the "gold content" of the online market. After more than ten years of development, Chinese cross -border e -commerce is ushered in a new stage of development. Cross -border e -commerce "gold mine" put forward higher requirements for the "exploration ability" and "gold rush capacity" of brands and merchants.

Conflict opportunities-

Traditional enterprises accelerate the entry?

At the current Exchange, a exchange meeting on the development of the cross -border e -commerce comprehensive experimental area was quite noticeable.

The cross -border e -commerce comprehensive experimental area's first trial in cross -border transactions, payment, logistics, customs clearance, tax refund, foreign exchange settlement, etc., cracked a series of problems in the development of cross -border e -commerce, and provided replication, providing replication, which can be replicated and available for the healthy development of the industry. Promotion experience.

"In recent years, the cross -border e -commerce company has achieved leapfrog development, which has become a new engine to the outside world." Sun Jufeng, a representative of the comprehensive test area of the Sichuan cross -border e -commerce area from Jilin Province, recommended the comprehensive test area for the participating merchants who participated in the conference. Location Advantage.

After the exchange meeting, many merchants took the initiative to ask Sun Jufeng for WeChat, and the on -site consultation started with investment opportunities in Hunchun.

"We have organized 31 companies to participate in the exhibition this time. Most of them are traditional enterprises, mainly to help our companies find partners through the intersection platform." Passionate. She said that she hopes to integrate the supply chain of cross -border e -commerce, thereby accelerating Jilin's specialty products to "go out to sea."

In order to promote the transformation of traditional industries and the development of industrial digitalization, the State Council has specially established a cross -border e -commerce comprehensive test area. As of now, the national cross -border e -commerce comprehensive experimental area has reached 165, covering 31 provinces, showing the characteristics of extending from the eastern and southern coastal areas to inland provinces, and extending from central cities and provincial capital cities to second- and third -tier cities.

Many foreign trade companies seize the policy dividend of the cross -border e -commerce comprehensive test area to change the previous business model. Guangdong Guojue Wedding Dress Co., Ltd., from the Chaozhou Cross -border E -commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zone, has cultivated the overseas market for more than ten years, with an export of about 100,000 per year. It is currently planning to open a new cross -border e -commerce business.

At the DC, the anchors were broadcasting live. Photo by Chen Lanyan, People's Daily Online

"Based on the comprehensive test area of cross -border e -commerce, the company is expected to gain support in terms of information, logistics, funds, etc., so as to add development momentum to export business." Zhan Jianpeng, chairman of Guangdong National Wedding Dress Co., Ltd. In terms of tax discounts, it can also be helpful.

In recent years, my country's cross -border e -commerce has maintained a rapid growth trend. Many people in the industry bluntly stated that the potential and space of industrial development are still great.

According to customs data, in 2022, my country's cross -border e -commerce imports and exports were 2.11 trillion yuan, an increase of 9.8%year -on -year. Among them, exports were 155 trillion yuan, an increase of 11.7%year -on -year.

Deng Hai, general manager of Fujian Miduoduo Network Technology Co., Ltd., who focuses on overseas digital marketing, said that traditional foreign trade is transforming, and cross -border e -commerce is upgrading. Digitalization is not only a trend that enterprises should be in response to, but also an essential for development. " arms".

"We have participated in the Exchange Fair for three consecutive years. By communicating and cooperating with the participating merchants, the company's cross -border e -commerce business has been gradually improved." Yan Jinhua, deputy general manager of Fujian tea industry, said that the company's main jasmine tea is the company. Customers call it "the taste of spring", but how to let more overseas customers understand Chinese tea has always been an important issue for the company's thinking, and cross -border e -commerce is undoubtedly a good channel.

It is worth mentioning that while the rapid development of cross -border e -commerce, many traditional foreign trade SMEs do not know much about cross -border e -commerce, and urgently need local governments to give guidance and support.

Hang Dong, deputy director of the Fujian Provincial Department of Commerce, said that he hopes to use this forum to communicate more, interact more, share more, and jointly tap more product cross -border "going to sea" opportunities to jointly optimize and upgrade the ecological chain of cross -border e -commerce ecological chain Create a good development ecology of cross -border e -commerce, and jointly promote the development of cross -border e -commerce development.

Fight for the market

Is Southeast Asia the next blue ocean?

Since 2022, many people have worried that foreign trade orders have been reduced, and many cross -border e -commerce sellers have a large amount of inventory.

According to relevant data, Amazon sellers, which showed positive growth in 2022, accounted for only 29%.

"Affected by a variety of factors such as energy crisis and inflation, many platforms and sellers face the problem of reduced shipments and the backlog of inventory. It is common to reduce orders for domestic and foreign trade manufacturing companies." Essence

On the first working day after the New Year of the Lunar New Year, many government personnel, sellers, and service providers went to overseas to find the market. Yu Chao, director of the strategic expansion of China in Amazon's global store opening in China and the network of service providers, bluntly. At this time, it is even more worthy of the traditional foreign trade dealers to take the initiative to think about where the cross -border e -commerce opportunities are and where to go next.

Many cross -border e -commerce sellers have turned their attention to the Southeast Asian market. According to a report released by professional institutions, it is expected that by 2030, the digital economy scale in Southeast Asia will reach trillions of dollars, and digitalization will inevitably reflect more value in e -commerce.

At the Exchange, a person in charge of a supply chain company engaged in domestic e -commerce said that the number of merchants from Southeast Asia exceeded 100 times.

The service providers who have cultivated the Southeast Asian market for many years understand cross -border and feel deeply. Wu Yumin, the person in charge of cross -border cross -border, introduced that "how to lay out an industrial belt in Southeast Asia" has become the focus of consultation with many merchants. Due to the high human environment, Southeast Asia obviously has more room for development for promoting "going to the sea".

The festival "Chaozhou Pavilion" theme wedding dress runway. Photo by Chen Lanyan, People's Daily Online

For foreign trade enterprises, does the conversion market face greater challenges? Wang Jian said that if you can adapt to mature European and American markets, you can actually adapt to the newly rising market quickly.

In recent years, many companies have begun to deploy the Southeast Asian market. Yan Jinhua said that the Fujian tea industry has a large scale and rich varieties. The company wants to use the "Fucha Station" set up in Southeast Asia to spread the Fujian tea culture through the overseas overseas Chinese who lived overseas and open the Southeast Asian market.

Industry insiders have revealed that the Indonesian e -commerce market has a broad prospects, or it may become a breakthrough in Southeast Asia in China.

A few days ago, the State Council approved the establishment of China -Indonesia and China -the Philippines Economic and Trade Innovation Development Demonstration Park in Fufang.

"Fujian will take Indonesia and the Philippines' Two Parks' Double Parks' as the starting point to promote the overseas cross -border e -commerce associations and enterprises to participate in exchanges, promote the company's early 'out of sea, fast', and more ', and help' buy the whole country to buy the whole country , Selling the world ’s“ buying global, selling global 'upgrades. ”Liang Yong, deputy director of the Fuzhou District Management Committee and the executive deputy director of the leading group of the China (Fuzhou) Cross -border E -commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zone, said.

Fighting brand-

From "large and complete" to "field specialization"

In fact, cross -border e -commerce has become a new outlet for China's foreign trade in recent years.

Compared with traditional foreign trade, many people in the industry talk about the advantages of cross -border e -commerce. In addition to higher profits and shorter repayment cycles, it is more concerned about establishing independent brands to provide empowerment support for enterprises, so as to enhance the sustainable company's sustainable energy -effectiveness of the enterprise. Development ability.

"Jilin has a lot of good products, such as Jilin people ginseng. With the improvement of the health awareness of the people, ginseng is expected to usher in a period of new development opportunities." Liu Xiaodi said, but compared with South Korea, the branding of Jilin people still has a great improvement in the branding space. In this conference, we hope to find a suitable platform to expand the overseas popularity of Jilins and increase the value of the product market.

Now the gameplay of cross -border e -commerce is mainly to develop more exquisite operations and brands. Cui Yuan, Minister of the Cross -border E -commerce Department and Senior Economist of the Qingdao Trade Development Service Center, said, "For the brand's strength, it will help become the cornerstone of enterprises to build core competitiveness and build the cornerstone of market risks."

In this regard, Yu Chao also agrees. Summarizing the successful experience of Amazon senior sellers, she said that on the road to "going to the sea", the rough operating model makes money fast, but it is no longer in line with the mainstream of the industry's development. The shift from the "large and full model" to the "field specialization operation" is the general trend. In the future, sellers will focus on creating product brands on single categories and increase the added value of products.

Citizens are visiting the exhibition. Photo by Chen Lanyan, People's Daily Online

Talking about the brand "going to sea", Chen Xiaowei, the pet service industry association of Fujian Province, shared his foreign trade experience for more than 20 years. "The most important thing is to have sufficient insight into the market."

In terms of pet industry, he introduced that unlike the European and American markets, Southeast Asia is dominated by single young users, which determines the dimension, category, and functions of product development. Essence

"One of the focus of product development must be based on the climate, national culture, and consumption habits of the country and regions to do a good job of branding a good prerequisite for branding." Chen Xiaowei said.

In Wang Jian's view, the core is to do his own thing. On the one hand, it is necessary to strengthen refined management and save costs; on the other hand, we must make your own products well, and high -quality things have high value -added.

It is worth noting that the brand "goes to the sea" will focus on strengthening intellectual property protection in the next step and accelerate corporate compliance. Zhang Weichao, the relevant person in charge of the DC Fair, suggested that cross -border e -commerce companies need to be familiar with the target market intellectual property protection environment, carefully select products, review and retain suppliers' intellectual property ownership certificates, and do a good job of brand "going to sea" to apply for customs intellectual property border protection Record.

Looking forward to 2023, many interviewees said that although many uncertainty and challenges are faced, as long as the integration of products and supply chains is made, and a good foreign trade team or platform is established, then a good foreign trade team or platform will be There are many possibilities.